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— GoVenture Job Interview


1. Getting Started

Watch the 2-minute video above.

  1. Create your Instructor Account.
  2. You may or may not have to create student usernames — see below. Rosters are generated automatically, you do not have to add them.
  3. Create a GROUP and choose your desired settings.
  4. Provide instructions for your students.

The steps above are detailed below.


2. Create Your Instructor Account

  • Once you have a Subscription Key, go to PlayGoVenture.com and follow the links to CREATE ACCOUNT. Then log in with your username and password.
  • Review the instructor dashboard (website).
  • The instructor dashboard allows you to create Groups (see below), monitor student progress and performance, and play GoVenture as a student (so that you can experience GoVenture as a student does).


3. Learning How to Play

  • The simulation is easy to play, just click and go. Review the User Guide for additional information.


4. Student Accounts and Privacy

Only one of these two instructions apply to you for Student Accounts:

(A) If you are using the Learner Managed system (primarily for colleges, universities, nonprofits, and businesses), students create their own personal accounts using Subscription Keys. Students manage their own accounts. Give students the Group number you want them to join and your student roster will build automatically as students join your Group.


(B) If you are using the Instructor Managed system (primarily for K-12 schools), review the following information:

  • Instructor Managed subscriptions do not require students to create full accounts on GoVenture.
  • Students do not have to disclose any personally identifiable information. 
  • Instructors log in to GoVenture to create student accounts as they need them — click MANAGE STUDENTS.
  • Watch the video below ...

Usernames and Personal Names

    • When an instructor creates a student account, a unique USERNAME is generated for the student. The USERNAME is a multi-digit number that is automatically generated — the instructor cannot choose the number. Note that the instructor does not need to build or upload a roster.

    • The instructor provides the USERNAME to the student and directs the student to log in to the GoVenture website at PlayGoVenture.com. GoVenture will determine if this is a new USERNAME being used for the first time and prompt the student to set a PASSWORD and their name or student ID or pseudonym (if maximum privacy is preferred). No personally identifiable information is required of students. But, it is important that students use a unique identifier that allows the instructor to know who they are for monitoring and grading purposes. Alternatively, the instructor can manually record student names with their assigned USERNAMES. NOTE: If you direct students to enter their full names, you may want to consider directing them to enter their last names first (such as "Smith John" or "Smith, John") so that your Performance Reports can be sorted by last name.

    • The student uses their personal USERNAME and PASSWORD to log in to GoVenture.

    • Use this spreadsheet to share usernames with students — click the link to view the document then choose FILE > DOWNLOAD for your own copy to edit.


Password Reset

    • Instructors can reset student PASSWORDS (Instructor Managed system only).
    • Instructor intervention is required because the system does not have any way of contacting an anonymous student.


Reassigning Student Accounts

    • Your school or District is assigned a maximum number of instructor accounts and student accounts that can be active at any one time (concurrently). 
    • Instructors can DISABLE individual student accounts when they are no longer needed (such as at the end of the semester or year, or if a student drops out).  Disabling a student account reduces the number of active student accounts, thereby providing room for another student account to be activated. Disabled accounts do not count towards the maximum number of concurrent accounts allowed. Disabling a student account retains all student progress and results, allowing the account to be activated again at any time.
    • Instructors can RESET STUDENT to delete a student's progress and data and require them to start playing the same GROUP from the beginning (this does not delete their username and password).
    • Instructors can DELETE individual student accounts. Doing so permanently erases the student login (username and password), progress and results and the same student account cannot be activated again.
    • Instructors can EDIT student accounts.
    • A student account that is created by an instructor but never actually used by a student will not count towards the maximum number of student accounts allowed. (Used means a student has set a password.)


More Information


5. Groups

  • For students to begin playing the Simulation, the instructor must create a new Group number. Groups allow you to keep student performance results separated by class, school, region, or any other grouping that you prefer. Students can join multiple Groups.

  • Use the Instructor Website to create a Group. Instructors have the option to focus students on specific activities. Follow the on-screen directions to choose your Group settings. And then copy the Group number (7-digit number).  You will share the Group number with your students so that they can connect with you. Instructors can also use the Group Number to play as a student.

  • Students cannot play a job interview simulation until an instructor provides them with a Group number — you must give students a Group number. Students can log in to view the  Tutorial Video, User Guide, and Photobook PDF before they receive a Group number. This allows you to get students set up with their login accounts in advance of having them do a specific activity.

  • Instructors can play GoVenture as a student by clicking the PLAY AS A STUDENT. It is highly recommended that instructors play GoVenture for a few minutes to experience the options available in the program.


6. Duration of Play

  • The average amount of time it takes to thoughtfully complete one job interview ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.


7. Saving and Resuming Progress

  • Students must fully complete an entire job interview — progress is not saved.
  • A student can only play one job interview at a time.
  • Once a student completes a job interview, a Performance Report is saved for the instructor to view.
  • A student can restart any job interview, even if it has already been completed, and the latest results will overwrite the older results.


8. Assessment 

  • When a student completes a job interview, a Performance Report is saved for the instructor to view.
  • For each job interview a student completes, performance is scored based on three activities: Clothing, Transportation, and Interview Answers. The student is also assessed on whether or not they were awarded the job. 
  • Students also have the option to reflect on their job interview experience by entering text to identy the top three things they did well and the top three things they did not do well. If you require students to enter reflections text, be sure to tell them to click the SAVE button after entering text, as reflections text is not automatically saved.
  • It is up to individual instructors how to use the above information for student grading.
  • If a student restarts a completed interview, the latest Performance Report will overwrite the previous Performance Report (and reflection).


9. Sharing Accounts

  • Instructors can share access to their accounts with other instructors or colleagues. 
  • View-only access or full access can be granted.
  • This allows you to view student progress and performance for students that are not under your own account. This can be helpful for co-teachers, substitute teachers, department leaders, and more.
  • There is no cost for this feature and any number of accounts can be shared.
  • To request this feature, both instructors must already have GoVenture accounts. Then contact us with the following information:
    1. Email of the person whose account needs to be shared.
    2. Email of the person who will have access to the account above. Multiple people are possible.
    3. If you want to grant full access or view-only access.


10. List of Job Interviews


  1. Cook

  2. Veterinary Worker

  3. Sales and Marketing

  4. Auto Detailer

  5. Cashier

  6. Stockroom Clerk

  7. Landscaping Laborer

  8. Pizza Delivery Person

  9. Mover

  10. Waiter/Waitress

  11. Retail Sales Associate

  12. Website Designer

  13. Construction Laborer

  14. Kitchen Assistant

  15. Customer Service

  16. Coffee Shop Worker

  17. Amusement Park Attendant

  18. Painter

  19. Farm Worker

  20. Roofer