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— GoVenture Health

Watch the 3-minute Tutorial Video above

1. Compatible Devices and Navigation

  • GoVenture Health eBook can be played on a computer, Chromebook, or tablet (smartphone screens are too small). The ebook plays in your Internet browser and there is nothing to install.
  • All items in the ebook that are the color orange are clickable.


2. Subjects

  • SUBJECTS are organized under CATEGORIES. Click a CATEGORY to view its SUBJECTS. Each SUBJECT consists of multiple TOPIC PAGES. Each TOPIC PAGE is one scrollable page in the photobook.


3. Quiz

  • Each TOPIC PAGE ends with a short QUIZ. Complete the QUIZ correctly to earn a GOLD COIN.


4. Games

  • GAMES appear at the end of each SUBJECT. There are several different types of games.


5. Rewards

  • A GOLD coin is awarded after successfully completing a QUIZ.
  • POINTS are awarded as you complete QUIZZES and GAMES.
  • You can replay a GAME or incomplete QUIZ to improve your score (only your highest score is saved)
  • ACHIEVEMENTS are awarded for various milestones
  • BODY DESIGNER items become unlocked as you earn points and gold coins.
  • Your personal high scores for each game are recorded.


6. Performance

  • View the Performance Report for details on your progress.


7. Saving and Resuming Progress

  • Your progress is automatically saved online (in the cloud).



If you have a technical problem that needs to be resolved, contact us.